Shortfall Campaign: Leave a lasting legacy

You’re the reason HWF is nearly 55 years strong.
Help us work for a future that respects the past.

2020 has been a year like no other.

The Azalea Festival Home Tour and our Annual Fundraising Luncheon (both cancelled in 2020) typically raise a combined total of around $80,000. This money is a huge part of how we fund efforts like Tar Heels Go Walking, our historic plaque program, the Impact of Preservation speech contest, and Legacy Architectural Salvage, just to name a few.

With all signature events cancelled this year, we need our members, neighbors and friends to help us fill the gap. 

You have always been the heart of our organization, fueling our projects and progress. Now, you’re our parachutes, our airbags, our lifeboats. We appreciate all you’ve done in the past, and we need you more than ever! Here are our shortfall campaign levels: 

Life Jacket: $100

Parachute: $250

Seat Belt & Airbag: $500

Lifeboat: $1,000

Fire Escape: $2,000

Oxygen Mask: $5,000

Deus ex Machina: $10,000

To donate now, please:

Your gift leaves a lasting legacy.

We’ll recognize all donors (unless anonymity is requested) on a webpage that will be left up for all time, and on a wall in our downtown headquarters. Thank you for helping us make history!