Workshops at Legacy Architectural Salvage

At Legacy Architectural Salvage, free workshops are offered on a regular basis, covering various topics related to home repair and maintenance. Wilmington is blessed with a large supply of historic homes, but unfortunately, there’s a limited number of home improvement professionals in town who specialize in repairing and restoring old properties. Legacy works to fill in that gap, serving as a much needed hub for knowledge on how to preserve and protect our built history. Through these workshops, Legacy connects historic preservation professionals with old home stewards—educating and empowering our community. These practical (and enjoyable!) demonstrations promote self-sufficiency in area homeowners, and taking on home improvement projects themselves can be a far less costly option than hiring help. Proper maintenance ensures that old homes remain affordable—and protects those houses for future generations.

Workshop attendees receive a 15% discount on purchases made that day!

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Space is limited in each workshop class!

If you’d like to attend an upcoming workshop, click the button next to the class description, or sign up on the clipboard at Legacy’s warehouse.

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Upcoming Workshops: 

Old Doors: Portals to the Past
Saturday, December 9, 2023: 10am-11:30am
Legacy Architectural Salvage (1831-B Dawson Street) 

Uncover the rich history, intricate craftsmanship, and creative repurposing potential of antique and vintage doors! During this free workshop, Legacy volunteer and woodworking master Steve Wolf-Camplin will guide attendees through a hands-on tutorial. We’ll delve into the cultural significance of old doors and offer practical insights into their restoration and upcycling possibilities!

Past Workshops


November 4, 2023: What’s Old is New Again: Designing Vintage Interiors

Vintage visionary design team Michelle and Joe DiBenedetto will be with us to share their expertise in incorporating old treasures into modern functionality. Whether your house is a new build or a totally rehabbed classic, this dream duo can offer tips on how to add some personality, some history, and something unique—yet affordable!—into your home.


October 21, 2023: Plaque Research: A Beginner’s Guide

Ever wondered about the history of your old home? Perhaps you’ve admired historic plaques from afar, but haven’t the slightest idea how to begin the research? We’re here to help! During this free workshop, expert researcher Carol Bragale will guide attendees through the whole process from start to finish.

Please don’t think for a moment that plaques are solely the provenance of the massive and the grand. Every house, every home is a part of the rich fabric of our community’s past—and has a tale to tell! Carol is just the person to help you discover and uncover the story of your home.


September 23, 2023: Empowered with Power Tools 

Power tools can seem a bit daunting for anyone new to DIY adventures, but during this hands-on instruction, Legacy volunteers and woodworking visionaries Rick Bates and Jimmy Quaglia will familiarize attendees with the top seven power tools needed to get any job done! The tools will be explained, demonstrated, and then placed into the eager hands of our lucky workshop participants so that they may learn by doing. Gloves and safety glasses will be provided. Due to the hands-on nature of this class, group size is limited so that all questions and techniques may be addressed. Register today!


October 7, 2023: How to Do It 102 (Refinish, Repurpose, Refurbish)

Struggling to get started on a project piece? Legacy volunteers and woodworking visionaries Rick Bates and Jimmy Quaglia are here to offer their guidance on refinishing, repurposing, and refurbishing! During this up-close-and-personal class, attendees are encouraged to bring in their own items (easily portable, please!) for a consultation with Rick and Jimmy. These pros will help you get a head start on your DIY project! Space is limited—register today.


May 13, 2023: Refinishing, Restoring, and Repurposing

Legacy volunteer Rick Bates will lead us in a workshop that boldly answers the questions – How do I choose between refinishing, fully restoring, or repurposing? And how do I go about it? Bring your “treasures” (read: items that can be easily transported or carried) so that Rick may examine, discuss, and determine the right path for our respective projects. We will learn about and work with veneer(s), we will be sanding, we will be doing some woodworking and staining—as well as other elements of refinishing, restoring and/or repurposing. Power tools will be involved, and we will supply safety glasses and gloves. This is a hands-on experience, so dress accordingly (i.e., wear closed-toed shoes and clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty!).


April 29, 2023: Certificates of Appropriateness (COA)

Jessica Baldwin, Historic Preservation Senior Planner for the City of Wilmington, will guide attendees through the process of obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA). This stamp of approval is required by the City of Wilmington for exterior alterations to properties located within the city’s local historic districts and historic overlays to ensure compatibility with the historic character of the district. She’ll also teach attendees how to obtain an administrative bypass, which allows the Historic Preservation Planner to approve minor changes.



March 18, 2023: Totally Floored

Bob Janiszeski of Visions Flooring works with reclaimed and old-growth flooring on the daily, and he’s sharing his years of experience in a hands-on workshop, covering how to square up a room and install (or replace!) floor boards. 


February 25, 2023: Reclaiming & Naming Wood

HWF/Legacy Resource Coordinator and resident “wood whisperer” Don Helms will educate us in identifying various types of wood, explain what “old-growth” really means, and undoubtedly share more than a few stories along the way. If you have ever wanted a little insight into what we do, if you are curious about old wood in general, or if you think you would like to spend some time here in the warehouse from another vantage point, this workshop may be just the thing!


December 10, 2022: Debbie Does Christmas (Holiday Collage Workshop)

The goal of this workshop is for you to have some fun and introduce you top the basics of collage art. All levels are welcome! Deb Helms, a Legacy Artist-in-Residence, will teach you how to use vintage ephemera and book boards to make a one-of-a-kind holiday collage. You will take home a finished piece to give as a gift or to keep for yourself!


November 12, 2022: Smalls Talk with Bill Petry

Our beloved Bill Petry, Legacy volunteer and bon vivant exceptionnel, hosts another interactive talk at the warehouse—this time, focusing on all things “small” (i.e., precious miniatures, figurines, what-nots and what-have-yous). Bill is a veritable font of knowledge, and he adores and delights in the diminutive. We can say without hesitation that you will enjoy yourself and probably learn more than you thought. Join us!


October 22, 2022: The Plaster Experience with John McCarthy

Local master plasterer John McCarthy will meet us at the Bellamy Mansion Museum to walk us through the historic structure, sharing the history and methodology of plaster craftsmanship in Wilmington—and the Bellamy, specifically. He will also address contemporary techniques, identification of fixable problems, and the benefits and joys of plaster for your home. We gratefully acknowledge the Bellamy’s collaboration to present this very special workshop.


September 24, 2022: Historic Windows

Our friends from Cardinal Joinery in Winston-Salem return to lead a second workshop detailing historic window preservation, restoration, maintenance, and repair—the processes, the benefits, the challenges. These guys are like no one else—their knowledge is vast, their passion is palpable, and they are a lot of fun. If you missed their first visit, be sure to be here. If you were here, you will want to come back, as they will expound and expand on what was covered previously. This workshop promises something for everyone—whether you’re a first timer or a returning fan!


May 21, 2022: Antique Appraisal Fair

At our first antique appraisal fair, various antique dealers will perform informal appraisals of your cherished possessions, your oddball inheritances, and your sundry “what-is-its?” Thanks to Michael Moore (Michael Moore Antiques), Jim and Karen Booth (Cape Fear Antique Center), and our very own antiquarian-at-large Bill Petry. This event is intended to be fun and informative—but is not meant to serve as a formal valuation that you can present to your insurance company, status-conscious neighbors, or over-eager relatives.


May 7, 2022: Speaking of Antiques (An Interactive Talk)

Legacy Volunteer and local raconteur Bill Petry, with his background in antiques and interior design, will host an interactive talk covering furniture styles and periods from the 18th through the 20th centuries. Bill will touch on how to identify and date items/periods/movements, concepts of “value,” and what to look for when you’re doing your own antiquing.


April 23, 2022: Window Restoration & Repair Workshop

Our friends from Cardinal Joinery in Winston-Salem will present a workshop on historic window restoration and repair. This demonstration-only workshop will cover the following: the terminology of old windows; cyclical maintenance and repairs; restoration; weather efficiency—and maybe even a little hands-on time with some tools of the trade!


March 11, 2022: Wood Flooring Workshop

Your favorite flooring guru returns to host another flooring workshop at Legacy Architectural Salvage! Quinn Cherry (Gee Ima Tree Landscaping and Flooring) will lead an informative workshop on all things wood flooring. He will discuss how to repair, patch, stain, blend, and spruce up your existing wood floors.


December 11, 2021: Faux Marbling Workshop

For centuries, people have sought the look of marble to dress up baseboards, mantles, and even walls. Originally, this might have been done by itinerant painters or amateurs and is found across Wilmington; faux marble mantles are a feature of the Latimer House. With this demonstration-only workshop, Legacy’s Artist-in-Residence Mark Gansor will share a step-by-step process and simple techniques to achieve the luxurious look of faux marble using reclaimed wood and everyday tools found in your local hardware store or hobby shop!


November 13, 2021: Reclaimed Door Table Workshop

This volunteer-led, demonstration-only workshop will teach you how to create a beautiful and functional table out of a vintage reclaimed door. Add charm and character to your home or office by using reclaimed materials to make a door table! In this workshop, you will learn how to choose a door, as well as the different reclaimed materials you can use for the skirt and legs. We will cover the tools and supplies needed to make this project, as well as the construction techniques and process of completing a reclaimed door table.


October 16, 2021: Floor Repair Workshop

In this free, demonstration-only workshop by Quinn Cherry from Gee Ima Tree Landscaping and Flooring, you will learn the basics of repairing and patching hardwood flooring. Original wood flooring can be one of the most striking features of your home and well worth the time it takes to repair them! This workshop will cover how to repair wood floors, from choosing the right wood to the proper techniques used for the repairs. It will also cover techniques for staining and blending the wood used for the repair to match your existing flooring. 


September 18, 2021: Furniture Rejuvenation and Refinishing Workshop

Do you love old furniture? Are you interested in getting your feet wet fixing up your favorite piece? Join Legacy Artist-in-Residence, Laura Beaudette as she shares with you techniques on how to spot a solid-wood piece of furniture, assess its condition and determine if it needs to be rejuvenated, repaired or refinished. She will provide you with a step by step tutorial to bring your antique piece back to life! Other topics covered will include sanding versus chemical strippers, finishing techniques with various stains/finishing products, best practices and safety tips!