Donate Architectural Salvage

History Has Value

Donations are tax deductible!

From mantles to lighting to cabinets and sinks, if it’s old, chances are good we can add it to our inventory. Accepted donations must be:

  • 60+ years old (pre-1960s)
  • Building materials/elements and home decor; we do not take clothing
  • Accepted at the discretion of Legacy Architectural Salvage

Donation Contact


Legacy Architectural Salvage Coordinator
910.660.8960 (office)
910.338.6443 (cell)

If you have a major salvage donation requiring deconstruction—think staircases or whole houses, pre-demolition—we may be able to send our volunteer deconstruction team to skillfully remove those materials. Click here to read the story of J. T. John Mill, irreparably damaged by Hurricane Dorian but meticulously saved, piece by piece, by Legacy’s team of volunteers.

Drop off your donation during business hours or arrange for us to pick it up by calling 910.338.6443.

It all starts with having the right tools in the right hands.

Our built history needs Legacy, and Legacy needs you! Well, specifically: your gently used (or new!) tools…

Our team of dedicated workshop and deconstruction volunteers are amazing, but their full potential can only be realized with a (metaphorical and literal) full toolbox. Your tool donation helps us save history, one piece at a time.

To donate tools to our warehouse and wood shop, please stop by during business hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 9:00am-2:00pm.

Call 910.660.8960 (office) or 910.338.6443 (cell) to speak with Legacy Coordinator, Kelly Hurst. You can also email

Remember: Donations are tax deductible!

Beyond tools, our projects require many materials that have to be regularly replenished.


Want to pitch in? We can never get enough:

* sandpaper (for belt and sanding by hand)
* paint brushes
* shop towels
* wood glue (gallon)
* acetone
* polyurethane (clear, matte and satin)
* odorless mineral spirits
* paint thinner
* denatured alcohol
* batteries
* tarps and tie downs


  • metal ladders
  • sawhorse brackets
  • crowbars (36-inch and 42-inch)
  • wrecking bars (42-inch)
  • hammers
  • flat bars
  • nail pullers
  • die grind wheels
  • glue guns
  • new saw blades (12-, 10- and 7-inch)
  • drill bits (wood and steel) 
  • large clamps
  • flashlights 
  • battery-operated lights
  • chainsaw blades
  • dollies
  • screw guns
  • skill saw
  • orbital sander
  • panel cart
  • bottle jack
  • 5/16th-inch cable with hooks
  • 5/16th-inch, Grade 30 chain with I/grab hooks

We can’t help but dream a little… 

Here are the three items that would truly take us over the top!

  • 3-ton floor jack
  • radial arm saw
  • large wood planer