1831-B Dawson Street, in the back warehouse portion of Stevens Ace Hardware
Hours: Wed-Fri (9am-2pm) | Sat (9am-3pm) | Sun (11am-3pm)
Call Us: 910.338.6443 / legacy@historicwilmington.org
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A frequent destination for contractors, DIY-ers, and treasure hunters, Legacy Architectural Salvage is Wilmington’s retail source for historic doors, wood, flooring, and more. We also sell donated vintage/antique furniture and home décor! All proceeds support the Historic Wilmington Foundation.


The Historic Wilmington Foundation works every day to keep historic buildings intact and in place. But when a structure is facing demolition, Legacy Architectural Salvage serves as the best-case option in a worst-case scenario. When a building is unable to be saved, Legacy steps in to save irreplaceable pieces of our past.

What is an architectural salvage store?

Our team of staff and volunteers deconstruct old buildings, salvaging wood, doors, windows, siding, and other architectural elements. These materials are then sold (at salvage prices!) to members of our community, who utilize them in restoration and rehabilitation projects. An operation of the Historic Wilmington Foundation, Legacy Architectural Salvage diverts tons of wood from the landfill, and places these salvaged elements right back into area homes, helping to preserve our region’s historic fabric. 

Location & Hours

Legacy Architectural Salvage is located in the same building as Stevens Ace Hardware, in the back warehouse portion. We’re open Wednesday through Friday from 9am-2pm, Saturday from 9am-3pm, and on Sunday from 11am to 3pm.


Get a glimpse inside our warehouse of wonders by watching this WECT feature, below!

What can I donate, and how?

From mantles to lighting to cabinets and sinks, if it’s old, chances are good we can add it to our inventory. Accepted donations must be: 1) 60+ years old (pre-1960s) and 2) building materials/elements and home decor (we do not take clothing).

Drop off your donation during business hours or arrange for us to pick it up by calling Legacy Architectural Salvage’s Coordinator, Kelly Hurst: 910.338.6443. All donations are tax deductible. (Donations are accepted at the discretion of Legacy Architectural Salvage.)

If you have a major salvage donation requiring deconstruction—think staircases or whole houses, pre-demolition—we may be able to send our volunteer deconstruction team to skillfully remove those materials. CLICK HERE to read the story of J. T. John Mill, irreparably damaged by Hurricane Dorian but meticulously saved, piece by piece, by Legacy’s team of volunteers.