2021 Preservation Awards

Each year, Historic Wilmington Foundation honors the very special people enacting our mission through exemplary preservation efforts in the following categories: Adaptive Reuse, Rehabilitation, Appropriate New Construction and Restoration.

Did you restore your historic home, renovate an old building for your new business, or rehabilitate a structure (or multiple!) that’s 75 years or older this year? Know someone who has? Nominations are now open for HWF’s renowned 2021 Preservation Awards. Nominate yourself or someone else before March 19, 2021. We accept both digital (Google Forms) and written nominations. Click here to download the PDF nomination form.

If you need assistance accessing the nomination form or have any other questions, call the office to speak with Blair Middleton, Office Manager: 910.762.2511. You can also click here to email Blair: middleton@historicwilmington.org.


  • Adaptive Reuse: a building that has been preserved and revamped for a purpose other than its intended original use

  • Restoration: a building that’s exterior has been brought back to its original glory, with great effort taken to replicate use of materials employed at the time of construction

  • Rehabilitation: a building that has been fixed up with a respectful nod to history yet not necessarily faithfully restored

  • Appropriate New Construction: a building that, although new, fits in seamlessly with its historic neighbors