Suzanne Stanley, Tell Us Your Story by Audrey Kane

Suzanne Stanley’s 1853 farmhouse is no ordinary place.

“The first time the front door swung open, I knew I was home,” Suzanne says. Years of neglect had taken their toll on the Greek Revival farmhouse, but the house had a tale to tell. And Suzanne had a vision. She also had guts, which she needed to address years of neglect evident in nearly every inch of the structure.

The city condemned the house in the 1980s, but the Wright Foundation saved it from the wrecking ball. That’s when Suzanne became the next chapter in the house’s story… CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Emily & Dan Happick, Tell Us Your Story by Audrey Kane

Emily and Dan Happick’s first happy memory of their historic neighborhood was taking engagement photos in Wallace Park. Little did they know, two years later they would buy the home of their dreams just six blocks away: a pristine bungalow with crowd-pleasing trim, on a tree-lined street within a short bike-ride of downtown. 

“Wilmington’s history is so complex and so interesting,” says Emily, who interned at the Bellamy Mansion during graduate school. With a deep appreciation for history, it’s no surprise she’s hatching a plan: bridging the past with the present, she’s researching the house’s history. In fact, (spoiler alert!) she hopes to honor the house with a plaque from Historic Wilmington Foundation. Perhaps another memory—a plaque naming—will be made on Emily and Dan’s front porch soon… CLICK HERE FOR MORE.