A Statement on Justice


It is impossible to process the wrenching events of the last 10 days without looking at history.

How did we get here, to this place of rising voices, reflection and reckoning?

Through oppression.


Through systematic silencing of black Americans. 

Inequality is injustice. We must seek to learn from the past for an inclusive future that cannot wait. Because right now, in this moment, is the opportunity to listen, learn and make positive change.

At Historic Wilmington Foundation, we believe that history is and should be all of us, not some of us. We are a diverse community with countless stories that need to be told.

We can and should reject forces that seek to divide; we must come together. HWF pledges to do better, and we invite your thoughts on supporting a bolder, better future where every voice has the chance to make history.

Beth Rutledge, Executive Director