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Every day, a new treasure finds its way into Legacy Architectural Salvage.
Here, you’ll find a small sample of our latest and greatest architectural salvage, antiques, and vintage finds!

Vintage Wall Sconces: $95 for the pair

Here at Legacy, we’ve got a lot of love for light fixtures of all sorts, but there’s something extra special about sconces—especially a striking pair such as these! While other overhead fixtures can place a harsh spotlight on those below, wall sconces create a more intimate atmosphere, casting a glow without overwhelming any room with light. These sconces from the 1930s-1940s would add a luxurious and elegant atmosphere to a dining room, an inviting light to an entry, or a warm radiance to a bedroom!

Dimensions: 9¾” tall x 12” wide x 7¾” deep

Salvaged Shutters: $20-40, depending on size

Salvaged from an 18th century home in Henderson, we have a variety of shutters in stock in three different sizes! These architectural elements always sell fast, so swing by to grab a few before they flutter away!

Small Shutters ($20): 18” wide x 54” tall
Medium Shutters ($30): 18” wide x 69” tall
Large Shutters ($40): 18” wide x 81½” tall

Salvaged Farm Gate: $150

Likely from the 1880s-1920s, this tall gate was salvaged from a farm in Wilson and still sports its original metal hinges!

Dimensions: 32″ wide x 72″ tall

French Doors: $425 for the pair

Our Legacy team will always go the extra mile to save irreplaceable architectural elements—literally! This pair of gorgeous French doors (with original glass panes and wonderfully fluted muntins!) was salvaged from a c. 1907 home in Chadbourn, NC. These show-stoppers aren’t the only goodies we reclaimed while there. Stop by to see all the treasures we trucked back to the warehouse!

Dimensions: 60” wide x 79” tall

Antique Curio Cabinet: $175

Donated from a 1920s-era house on South 13th Street, the cabinet appears to date back to the house’s early days. Perhaps it spent the last century in that one home, showcasing the treasures of generations of inhabitants. We can’t confirm that sweet story, but regardless of its provenance, this piece is now ready for its next owner! 

Dimensions: 38” wide x 66¼” tall x 13½” deep

Antique Lidded Urn: $95

We could wax poetic on this antique lidded urn, carried away with a Keatsian ode! But we’ll leave the rhyme and meter to the masters. Resting atop a pedestal base, this ceramic urn is painted in blue, a mournful hue that still gives shape to leaves and flowers—symbols of life. We find this contrast as stunning as its intricate features: the pressed metal, the delicate handles. The lid (topped with acorn-shaped finial!) opens to reveal a metal interior.

The woman who donated this to us shared that it survived a fire. (Sometimes, the poetry writes itself.)

Dimensions: 12” wide x 13½” tall

Antique Tin Shingles: $5 each

Fun fact: Thomas Jefferson was an early advocate of tin roofing and topped Monticello with a standing-seam tin roof! In the 19th century, tin roofing took America by storm. The low cost, lightweight, and low maintenance plates quickly became the most common roofing material in the nation, surpassing lead and copper. Like these salvaged shingles, many were decoratively embossed and most were painted red! We have a plethora in stock, perfect for a variety of upcycling projects.

Dimensions: 13¼” wide x 20” tall

Cabinet Doors with Wavy Glass: $75 each

Wavy glass alert! If you swoon at the sight of swirly patterns gleaming in historic glass, here’s a find for you! These cabinet doors were salvaged from an antique piece of furniture, likely a built-in, and we’re selling them individually or as a set. One has a charming porcelain knob with a delicate floral motif painted on it, and they both boast large panes of glass so wavy they’re practically saying hello. Whether you upcycle these for a new purpose or restore them to their original use, that gorgeous glass will be the star of the show!

Dimensions: 16⅜” wide x 41⅝” tall

Single-Light Over 1-Panel Door: $425

The dreamiest single-lite over 1-panel door recently arrived at the warehouse, perfect for marking the entrance to a late 19th or early 20th century home. Just imagine all the sunlight that could come streaming into a foyer or hallway through that gorgeously long window! Some of the window trim has been removed to accommodate a deadbolt, but this could be repaired if you want to restore this piece to its original glory.

Dimensions: 32” wide x 88¼” tall

Vintage Blue Dresser: $250

How darling is this dresser from the 1940s? Gussied up with a fresh coat of paint, this delightful dresser is ready to settle into a new home! Note the secret compartment at the top, perfect for storing odds and ends out of sight!

Dimensions: 41¾” wide x 43” tall x 19¾” deep

Antique Privacy Screen: $425

Here’s something we don’t always have in stock: a three-panel privacy screen! Dating back to the early 20th century, this screen was used to separate the dining room from the kitchen while meals were prepared and plated. Each panel is awash in bucolic scenery, including a lone fisherman in a peaceful country stream and a frolicking carriage ride.

Dimensions: 51” wide (fully extended) x 68½” tall

Tufted Settees: $95 each

This pair of upholstered settees is a great find, perfect for a conversation corner! We can’t help but imagine this vintage piece as a dog bed, and good girl Aiyla here agrees that it’s just the right height for a pooch! We have two in stock, priced separately.

Dimensions: 52″ wide x 31″ tall x 23″ deep (seat height: 15″) 


Antique Andirons: $45

Once upon a time, these enchanting andirons supported a crackling pile of firewood burning merrily inside a hearth. Today, they could return to their original purpose or be put to new use—propping up a planter in a garden display or supporting a piece of salvaged wood to create a unique shoe rack in your foyer or entryway!

Dimensions: 18” wide x 18” tall x 8” deep

Green Vintage Dresser: $175

From the 1940s, this wooden dresser got all dolled up with a fresh coat of green paint! The sea foam color and those round wooden knobs have us thinking that this piece would be right at home in a child’s bedroom or a beach cottage.

Dimensions: 32” wide x 47” tall x 17” deep

Upcycled Table: $85

Fans of chippy paint, go wild over this weathered table! The base boasts the remnants of a black lacquer, while the salvaged boards on top feature delicate hints of blue. Many thanks to our volunteer team for upcycling this table base using the power of reclaimed wood!

Dimensions: 27” wide x 27” tall x 18” deep

Antique Empire Dresser: $225

Dating back to the 1920s or ‘30s, the detailing makes this dresser truly special! Fluted columns frame the sides, connecting ornate carvings featuring leaf motifs at the top and bottom of the piece. And those griffin paw feet! This item needs a little TLC—as you can see, some of the hardware is missing—but it’s a few easy fixes away from sheer perfection!

Dimensions: 45½” wide x 37¼” tall x 22” deep

Chair with Bird Upholstery: $75

Our talented volunteers astonish us with all the creative ways they breathe new life into old pieces, including this vintage chair! Freshly upholstered with fun and funky fabric, this seat can be yours for a song!

Dimensions: 18½” wide x 37′ tall x 16½” deep (seat height: 18″) 

Upcycled Bench: $150

There are a myriad of ways to upcycle an old bed frame, and this darling bench is a fine example! Made by our incredible volunteers, this baby blue seat is perfect for a sunny garden or shaded patio. Scoop this sweet piece up now to enjoy all summer long!

Dimensions: 41½” wide x 42″ tall x 20″ deep (seat height: 20″)

Mid-Century Desk Chair: $45

Looking for a way to add some personality to your work space? Look no further than this marvelous mid-century desk chair, perfect for adding a fun flair to your desk at home or the office. With sleek, sunny yellow leather upholstery and a warm wooden frame, this piece is sure to brighten your work days!

Dimensions: 24⅜” wide x 35½” tall (seat height, 18¼”) x 24½” deep

Something strike your fancy? Come on into the warehouse (1831-B Dawson Street, behind Stevens Ace Hardware) to purchase. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about merchandise listed: 910.660.8960 (office) or 910.338.6443 (cell). You may purchase items over the phone during Legacy’s regular operating hours: Wednesday, through Saturday from 9AM-2PM.

Please note: Leaving a voicemail is not sufficient to complete a purchase. If you call during the specified times and get voicemail, please leave your phone number and we will return your call as quickly as possible. Purchases can only be completed through speaking directly with Kelly Hurst, Legacy’s Assistant Manager, or in person at Legacy Architectural Salvage’s warehouse.

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