Legacy Architectural Salvage: Featured Finds

Bringing our warehouse to your fingertips. 

Every day, a new treasure finds its way into Legacy Architectural Salvage. Here, you’ll find a small sample of our latest and greatest salvaged treasures!

Something strike your fancy? Come on into the warehouse (1831-B Dawson Street, behind Stevens Ace Hardware) to purchase. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about merchandise listed: 910.660.8960 (office) or 910.338.6443 (cell). You may purchase items over the phone during Legacy’s regular operating hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9AM-2PM.

Please note: Leaving a voicemail is not sufficient to complete a purchase. If you call during the specified times and get voicemail, please leave your phone number and we will return your call as quickly as possible. Purchases can only be completed through talking with Deb, LAS Manager, or in person at Legacy Architectural Salvage’s warehouse.

Legacy’s inventory is constantly changing! Check out our Instagram (@legacysalvage) for a peek at what’s for sale now, and know that we’ve always got so much more in store.

FEATURED ITEM: Scandinavian Arched Window with Shutters

Item #0758: $1,100 | 43 3/4″ wide x 99″ tall

ITEM #0766

Vintage Bed Frame: $120

This incredible full-sized headboard and footboard truly has it all—the wood has inlays, carvings, and even burnt designs! A mix of styles (from Victorian to Art Deco!), you won’t find something this special anywhere else. 

Measurements (Headboard): 55″ wide x 52″ tall 
Measurements (Footboard): 57″ wide x 29 1/2″ tall 

ITEM #0765

Stained Glass Window: $350

This stained glass with its diamond design features cheerful shades of green, blue, and yellow! Hang this vintage piece from the side of your porch for some added privacy, or work it into a remodel!

Measurements: 44″ wide x 42″ tall 

ITEM #0761

French Curved Door: $2,100

From the 18th century, this solid wood door from France has a curved front that’s just out of this world. We can’t wait to see how a Legacy customer reuses this incredible find!

Measurements: 34″ x 94″ 

ITEM #0763

Antique Barn Door: $175

This slender barn door with its petite porcelain knob is weathered to perfection, ready to add texure and rustic charm to any scene!

Measurements: 28″ wide x 71 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0751

Dimensional Wood: $3-5 per linear foot

After salvaging wood from a tobacco barn in Wilson, we have so much in stock! This old-growth pine is full of character and perfect for a plethora of building projects. With planks up to 16 feet long, we have the following sizes available: 2×4, 4×4, and 2×6. 

ITEM #0759

Architectural Metal Roofing Tin: $10 each

These rust-colored Victorian tin shingles feature a pressed escutcheon pattern. Salvaged by our Legacy team, we can’t wait to see how they’ll be repurposed!

Measurements: 13 1/4″ wide x 20″ tall

ITEM #0758

Scandinavian Arched Window with Shutters: $1,100

Measurements: 43 3/4″ wide x 99″ tall

Goodness gracious, this window is a jaw-dropping showstopper! Can you believe it comes with the original shutters? We could hardly believe our eyes when this waltzed into the warehouse! From the arched top window panes to the original metal hardware, we’re over the moon for this 9-lite window. 

ITEM #0757

Victorian Chandelier: $350

Circa 1900-1915, this four-light, gold-tone metal chandelier features faux ruby details—rich and dramatic!

Measurements: 34″ tall x 34″ wide

ITEM #0756

Douglas Fir Wood: $2 per linear foot 

This incredible wood was saved from a 1900s warehouse in Castle Hayne! While heart pine abounds in Legacy Architectural Salvage’s warehouse, it’s not every day that we get Douglas fir. The particular type of wood is durability and resistance to rot/insects, which makes it a great choice for a variety of woodworking projects! 

ITEM #0755

Jeweler’s Safe Doors: $195 for the pair

This pair of doors was donated after a Legacy customer converted an old jeweler’s safe into a bar. How will you upcycle these vintage doors? We can’t wait to see!

Measurements: 16 3/4″ x 54″ tall

ITEM #0754

Hanging Oil Lamp: $225

From the 1850s, this antique oil lamp was never converted to electric—a true blast from the past! The glass shade’s floral pattern is absolutely dreamy, and delicate details abound, from the shapely hangers to the finely pressed metal edging. 

Measurements: 14 1/2″ x 35″ tall

ITEM #0753

Vintage Drop Leaf Table: $240

This drop leaf table is in the iconic style of Duncan Phyfe, and the wood is in pristine condition! Here’s a sweet history: The woman who donated the table inherited it from her grandmother, and told us that it was the first piece of furniture her grandmother purchased after she was married in 1940! 

Measurements: x

ITEM #0745

Antique Hand Truck: $175

This hand truck has led a long and dutiful working life—now, it’s simply a beauty to behold, perfectly patina’d!

Measurements: 68 1/2″ tall x 22″ wide

ITEM #0747

5-Panel Door: $100

This 5-panel door features the original rectangular door plate and dark porcelain knob. 

Measurements: 32″ wide x 77 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0741

5-Panel Door: $125

This antique door features the original hardware—a pressed metal, oval door plate with a stunning crystal knob.

Measurements: 34 1/4″ wide x 82 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0744

Antique Jacobean Chairs: $250 each

These chairs were hand carved in Ireland from solid mahogany. Once, they would have sat on either side of a hearth or within a grand hallway. 

Measurements: 47″ tall x 18″ wide x 14 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0739

Vintage Surgeon’s Sink: $75

This porcelain sink has a deep basin that contains splashes well, and it can be wall-mounted—handy for tight spaces!

Measurements: 36″ tall x 28″ wide x 21 3/4″ deep

ITEM #0735

Antique Door with Chippy Paint: $105

Want some dip with these chips? Chippy paint, that is! This two-over-two panel door from the turn of the century has its original rim lock.

Measurements: 31 1/2″ wide x 78″ tall

ITEM #0734

Mid-Century Hutch: $75

This vintage hutch is full of storage, from the roomy base cabinet to the upper three shelves (shelving is currently not put up, but all pieces are included), which feature plate rails for the display of fine china. These also make great bookshelves! 

Measurements: 16″ deep x 39″ wide x 77″ tall

ITEM #0738

Antique Mirror: $75

From the mid to late 19th century, this antique mirror’s wooden frame is elaborately carved, with a clear Eastlake influence. Note the desilvering of the mirror itself—simply dazzling!

Measurements: 31″ tall x 23 3/4″ wide

ITEM #0726

Antique Wicker Rocker: $95

From the 1880s-1910s, this charming wicker rocker is in incredible shape for its age—and perfect for your porch or patio!

Measurements: 24″ wide x 35″ tall

ITEM #0728

Vintage Vanity: $195

From the 1930s, this solid wood vanity features an incredible floor-length mirror, perfect for putting together a fab ‘fit!

Measurements: 18″ deep x 48″ wide x 67″ tall

ITEM #0727

Antique Composite Columns: $325 each

Salvaged from Wilmington’s historic Graystone Inn, these grand columns are incredible pieces of our city’s built history. With their highly decorated capitals (tops), these columns would be considered “composite,” which is a Roman-designed style that combines characteristics of the ancient Greek-era Ionic and the Corinthian columns. We have three in stock!

Measurements: 16″ base x 106″ tall

ITEM #0568

Bundles of 78 Records: $5 each

In bundles of 10-12, these 78 RPM records are full of fun and priced at a steal! Super cute as décor or to spin on your record player, these vintage bundles include hidden gems, like 13-year-old Judy Garland singing Cole Porter with Johnny Mercer!

Measurements: approximately 10 1/4″ tall x 10 1/4″ wide

ITEM #0723

Barn Door with Tin Top: $225

Salvaged from a milk barn, this wonderfully weathered door features the original metal hinge straps, as well as a rustic piece of tin trim at the top—a textured treasure! 

Measurements: 40 1/2″ wide x 72″ tall

ITEM #0721

Black Summer Camp Trunk: $20

Open the top of this simple vintage trunk and find a darling piece of the past: a check off list to pack for summer camp! (Don’t forget to pack suntan lotion—and your trusty tennis racket, of course!)

Measurements: 30 3/4″ x 16 3/4″ x 12 3/4″ 

ITEM #0713

European Vista Prints: $15 each

Set off within a delicate, gold frame, these vintage prints from the early 1960s depict grand public spaces, worn with time. A tribute to the architecture of old, this trio would look divine in the home of anyone enamored with remnants of our past!

Measurements: 20″ wide x 32″ tall

ITEM #0676

Artist-in-Residence Art Panels: $135 each

Artist-in-Residence Mark Gansor paints pastoral scenes on architectural salvage, giving these pieces of old wood new life! In one, you’ll peer into a meadow of flowers, and the other is a perfect representation of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Measurements (left): 24″ tall x 9 1/2″ wide x 2 1/2″ deep
Measurements (right): 17″ tall x 11 3/4″ wide x 1 3/4″ deep

ITEM #0698

Painted Oak Bed: $295

This antique full-sized bed features scrolling corner pieces on the footboard and a flourishing carving tops the headboard. Painted a distressed baby blue, this piece comes with the sideboards! 

Measurements: 54″ wide x 74″ long

ITEM #0707

Antique Deacon’s Bench: $750

From the early 19th century, this Windsor-style deacon’s bench is ideal for a porch or patio! 

Measurements: 70 1/2″ wide x 35″ tall x 21″ deep (seat height: 17 3/4″)

ITEM #0663

Cast Iron Fireplace Back Plate: $450

This antique piece from the 19th century was used to radiate heat forward from the back of a fireplace—a practical fixture that still maintains a focus on beauty, with designs pressed into its heavy cast iron.

Measurements: 29 1/8″ tall with three panels (15″, 25 1/2″, and 15″ wide) 

ITEM #0699

Antique Milking Pen Gate: $100

This rustic gate has a pop of color—a bright chartreuse lining its sides from natural weathering. Wonderfully unique and perfectly quirky!

Measurements: 44 1/2″ wide x 45″ tall

ITEM #0701

Glass Door Knob Sets: $25 each

Rarely do we have such an abundance of antique and vintage door knob sets in stock! Thanks to a generous donation, we have nine sets available. These flouted glass knobs are each special in their own way—a hint of pale peach or blue, a variety of mirrored, star-burst centers. Perfect to bring antique charm to a new door or dazzle up an old one! 

ITEM #0696

Black Porcelain Door Knob Sets: $12 each

These vintage black knobs would absolutely pop against a white door (antique or new!). Though dark in color, these beauties gleam! We have three sets in stock.

Measurements: 2 1/4″ wide x 5 1/2″ long

ITEM #0695

Brown Porcelain Door Knob Sets: $15 each

These richly brown porcelain knobs warm any space. Their shine catches the light just right! With 9 sets in stock, we have enough to outfit a whole home, if your heart desires. 

Measurements: 2 1/4″ wide x 5 1/2″ long

ITEM #0694

Antique Hand Drills: $8 each

These vintage hand cranks with wooden handles and knobs are perfect gifts for the fixer-upper in your life! We have a plethora in stock, with colors sure to suit your home (or garage!). 

Measurements: 6 1/2″ wide x 14″ long 

ITEM #0667

Antique Chairs: $45 each

These darkly-stained wooden chairs are Mediterranean in style, and even older than they may appear at first glance—the leather seats are stuffed with horsehair! We have four in stock. Note: One chair has a torn seat. 

Measurements: 38″ long x 20″ wide x 17 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0686

Antique Cast Iron Fireplace Surround: $125

Made of solid cast iron, this fireplace surround is stunning in its details. This beauty is ready to take your fireplace to the next level!

Measurements: 24 1/4″ wide x 30 1/2″ tall x 2 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0685

Antique Fireplace Screen: $125

From the 19th century, this metal fireplace screen stands tall and stately, almost like a shield. Perfect for elevating the look of your fireplace!

Measurements: 22″ wide x 40 1/2″ tall x 10″ deep

ITEM #0679

2-Over-2 Windows with Sashes: $50 each

From a home on South 16th street built in 1919, these windows are impressive in scale and come with their sashes! We have two available. Note: The windows are currently painted shut. 

Measurements: 36 5/8″ wide x 70″ tall x 4 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0281

Artisan Reclaimed Wood Table: $795

Made by Artist-in-Residence John Kendall, this high gloss dining room table is an ideal piece to add a rustic yet modern touch to your home. Made of old-growth reclaimed pine, this durable piece is an eye-catching delight, covered in gleaming layers of polyurethane.

Years have naturally aged the wood to create a beauty and detail that cannot be replicated! Reclaimed wood’s beauty is in its variations, and will have naturally occurring knots, splits, weathering, nail holes & cracks. The table is lightly sanded leaving the beautiful natural texture and grains in the wood, but still smooth to touch. 

Measurements: 31 1/4 wide x 32″ tall x 72 1/2″ long

ITEM #0673

Art Deco Armoire: $850

Made in Europe, this antique wardrobe features quarter sawn wood with beautiful color and grain. Not only does this piece come with the original hardware, it even has sliding hooks for the inner garment rod!

Perfect for extra clothing storage—put together an outfit in front of its full-length mirror, fastened to the door’s interior!

Measurements: 73 1/4″ tall x 45 3/8″ wide x 16″ deep

ITEM #0671

Vintage Woven Hat: $95

Made by hand in East, South, or Southeastern Asia, this intricately woven hat is in incredible vintage condition. This two-tone piece would now make for a lovely wall hanging! 

Measurements: 17″ long x 17″ wide

ITEM #0465

White Chippy Door: $75

This four-panel door from the 1920s-1930s features the most stunning cream and white chippy paint: weathered yet elegant, rugged yet refined. Though made of old wood, it’s surprisingly lightweight—perfect for so many upcycling projects! Attach a mirror and use it for a full-length view in your bedroom or foyer. Add hooks for a charming coat rack. Or install a salvaged shelf—a perfect backdrop to display art and collectibles! (Check out items #0274 & #0275 for inspiration!) 

Measurements: 79 1/2″ tall x 31 1/4″ wide x 1 1/4″ deep

ITEM #0522

Vintage & Antique Prints: $2-15 each

In various sizes and styles, our vintage and antique prints are priced at a steal! You may, of course, frame and hang them—or use them in a myriad of potential projects! They can be used in collages or to wrap gifts, for instance. 
ITEM #0656

Christmas Art Blocks: $40 each

Made by Artist-in-Residence Mark Gansor, these decoupage pieces on salvaged wood blocks are lacquered and festive, with holiday-inspired messages of love, hope, joy, and peace!

Measurements: 4 3/4″ wide x 5″ tall x 1 1/8″ deep

ITEM #0655

Antique China Closet: $1,200

From the late 1800s, this china closet is delightful in its details, including curved glass sides, claw feet (with intricate, scaly texture!), and carved griffins. 

Measurements: 66 1/4″ tall x 47 1/4″ wide x 17″ deep

ITEM #0654

Framed Antique Tapestry: $50

This gorgeous tapestry features a classic floral motif in muted tones. Carefully framed, with a lovely cream background and subtle gold frame, this piece is perfect to add texture and depth to any gallery wall!

Measurements: 41″ long x 14″ tall

ITEM #0649

Antique Corbels (c. 1853): $75 each

From 202 Nun Street, we have two of these 19th century corbels in stock! 

Measurements: 8 1/2″ wide x 21″ long x 5 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0648

Square Porch Post Columns: $45 each

We have three of these antique porch post columns (c. 1887) in stock from 202 Nun Street!

Measurements: 4 1/2″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep x 24″ tall

ITEM #0485

1930s Porch Railing with Spindles: $150

From the 1930s, this salvaged porch railing would make for a lovely garden trellis, wall art, headboard—or, could be used to replace and repair your home’s exterior or interior railing! The spindles have been painted gray, and the top is a worn white. (Oh, and if you need more spindles? We’re selling some matching individual spindles as well! Go wild with a craft project, or use them to fix broken pieces of a current porch rail.)

Measurements: 72″ wide x 33″ tall x 6″ deep

ITEM #0447

Wooden Bottle Box: $60

This antique crate was once used to haul glass bottles—you can tell by the ring marks left on its bottom! Now, this would make for a rustic linen and toiletry holder—or, play up its past life as a repository for bottles, and incorporate it as part of your home bar. (Or, as we call it these days, The Bar.)

Measurements: 35″ wide x 20″ deep x 12″ tall

ITEM #0623

Shandy Hall 2-Panel Door: $??

This tall and stately 2-panel door from the early to mid 19th century was salvaged from the historic Shandy Hall on Greenville Sound Road. 

Measurements: 24″ wide x 79″ tall

ITEM #0572

6-Pane Windows with Wavy Glass: $45 each

These historic windows are practically waving hello with their incredibly wavy, fully intact glass panes! We have ten of these special beauties in stock. 

Measurements: 35″ tall x 36″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0597

Fine Woodworking Magazines: $2 each

These vintage magazines are a collector’s item, filled with beautiful photographs and thorough how-to woodworking instructions! We have dozens in stock. 

Measurements: 9″ wide x 12″ tall

ITEM #0617

Assemblage Jewelry: $30 (left), $65 (middle), and $30 (right)

Made by Legacy’s Manager (and Artist-in-Residence!) Deb Helms, this assemblage jewelry is composed of a variety of vintage elements, including drawer pulls, keys, chandelier crystals, typewriter keys, and more!

ITEM #0616

Upcycled Table: $175

Volunteer Don Helms handcrafted this table using vintage spindles for the legs and old-growth beadboard for the top. Full of charm—check out the distinctive saw marks that add depth and character to this darling upcycled piece! 

Measurements: 29 3/4″ wide x 34 7/8″ long x 24″ tall

ITEM #0611

Upholstered Dining Chairs: $50 each

With metal casters and carved floral accents, these sweet dining chairs are in great antique condition. Some chairs do feature some wear to the upholstery. We have two in stock! 

Measurements: 18 1/2″ wide x 37″ tall x 19″ deep

ITEM #0664

Antique Oak Sideboard: $1,200

This antique sideboard is in absolutely pristine condition. Note the upper drawers’ serpentine front, the original brass hardware, beveled mirror, and oh, that gleaming oak woodgrain! From the 1890s, this carved and crafted piece is simply a standout. Beyond its beauty, it’s perfectly practical, with storage space to boot!

Measurements: 42″ wide x 56″ tall x 20″ deep

ITEM #0604

Empire Settee: $275

This wood-framed settee’s high back and curved arms creates a dignified, regal scene wherever it’s placed. The reupholstering was done with a period appropriate fabric, and it sits atop original casters!

Measurements: 48″ wide x 36 1/2″ tall

ITEM #0595

Midcentury Coffee Table with Reclaimed Wood: $150

Made by Legacy’s newest Artist-in-Residence, Laura Beaudette, this vintage coffee table with midcentury lines was rejuvenated with a top made of reclaimed wood. 

Measurements: 40″ wide x 16 1/4″ tall x 21 3/8″ deep

ITEM #0475

Late 19th Century Five-Panel Door: $195

This antique wooden door comes with its original rim lock and porcelain door handles!

Love a neutral color palette, with a hint of rustic? This door’s classic grey paint is perfectly weathered!

Measurements: 32″ wide x 79″ tall 

ITEM #0547

Vintage & Antique Books: $2-10

We’ve gotten a treasure trove (or, perhaps, library trove?) of books recently!

Come on in to find a beach read—or material for collages and other old book upcycling projects! 
ITEM #0534

Antique Columns with Original Bases: $500 each

Salvaged from a guest house on Airlie Road built in 1917, these tall columns are made of solid, old-growth heart pine—and boy, are they heavy! These grand columns would make an impressive statement gracing the front of your home or holding up a ceiling beam in your home’s interior. Sold separately—we have four in stock! Each column comes with its original base. 
Measurements: 9 1/2′ tall x 14 1/2″ circumference
ITEM #0612

Fall China Set: $25

This 27-piece china set is festively autumnal, with delicately printed leaves bordering each fine piece! Gather your family around the table and serve up fall favorites (apple pie! pumpkin spice bread!) on these lovely dishes. 

ITEM #0532

Antique & Vintage Linens: $3-10

Varying in age and style, we have plenty of table and personal linens within our warehouse! Many feature lovely embroidery, and all are uniquely special. Vintage linens can be used for their original purpose, or upcycled in a myriad of ways. A few simple sewing projects include (but are not limited to!) pillow covers, children’s dresses, and hair tie ribbons.
ITEM #0528

Antique Frameless Beveled Mirror: $25

With a thick beveled edge and gorgeous desilvering, this antique mirror would frame up easily and beautifully!
Measurements: 20″ x 36″
ITEM #0527

Vintage Mirror with Curved Edges: $35

From the 1930s-1940s, this rectangular mirror has curved edges and some delicate desilvering that add such character! Leave this beauty as is to lean against a wall, add hanging hardware to mount it, or frame it up with reclaimed wood!
Measurements: 34″ x 40″
ITEM #0526

Artist-in-Residence Handmade Table: $250

Set atop a base from the Warsaw Hotel (c. 1899), this table top is made of reclaimed pine. Artist in Residence Steve Wolf-Camplin knows how to craft old wood, and in this piece, you can still see the original sawmill marks, though the top itself is smooth as can be. What artistry and care! 
Measurements: 24″ wide x 24″ deep x 30 1/2″ tall
ITEM #0491

Historic 9-Pane Windows: $45

Wavy glass alert! We have quite a few of these antique 9-pane windows in stock, thanks to our team of LAS volunteers, who delicately and dutifully saved them from a 1917 home. Perfect for photo backdrops, wall hangings, and more!

Measurements: 34″ wide x 36″ tall

ITEM #0511

Antique Radiator: $50

Coated in thick coats of creamy white paint, the aged patina on this piece is a dream! Take it back to its original use, or simply post up in your home as a sculptural piece. We feel warm and cozy just looking at this incredible antique radiator!

Measurements: 38 1/2″ tall x 9″ wide x 9 1/2″ deep

ITEM #0518

Legacy Architectural Salvage T-Shirts: $20 each

Legacy t-shirts are in! Show your love of all things old and reclaimed by donning this shirt, which comes in both black and a rich shade of garnet. All sizes available!

ITEM #0513

Vintage LP’s: $1-2 each

Legacy Architectural Salvage is far from a records store, but don’t sleep on our bins of vinyl albums! From the 1950s-1970s, these vintage LP’s are priced at a steal and make for fine listening or eye-catching art. The colors, the typography! It doesn’t get much better than vintage album covers. Come browse our selection at the warehouse!

ITEM #0371

Wonder Mare Rocking Horse: $45

Made by Wonder Mare in the 1950s, this vintage rocking horse is suspended upon its original metal springs, attached to a wooden base. An absolutely whimsical piece, the horse has a blonde mane and is adorned with a brown saddle. The seat measures 3 1/2″ wide. 

Measurements: 19″ wide x 27 1/2″ tall x 34″ deep

ITEM #0497

No. 60 New Connecticut Meat Grinder: $25

Made of cast iron, this antique meat grinder comes with adjustable clamp, two different attachments, as well as crank (not pictured).

Measurements: 8″ wide x 12″ tall

ITEM #0458

Collage on Antique Auditorium Seat: $45

What does one do with merely the back of an antique auditorium seat? Use it as the base of a collage, of course! That’s precisely what Legacy’s Manager (and Artist in Residence!) Deb Helms did with this architectural salvage from the Tileston School on Ann Street! Deb is known for her masterful composition of pre-1920s ephemera, and this piece is no exception! From vintage advertisements to a WWI pay record, from antique button snaps to old sheet music, you really must take a close look to unpack it all and see how each of these fragments of history speak to each other. 

Measurements: 18 1/2″ wide x 19″ tall

ITEM #0374

Chalk Plate: $10

Made in England in the 1940s-1960s, this cheerful chalkplate depicts a rustic scene in a natural palette: windmill and river, boats and cottages, a stone bridge and forest. The chalkware craze began in Staffordshire, England in the late 1800s as an inexpensive alternative to the region’s popular porcelain figurines. Popular for their aesthetic qualities as well as their reasonable price, you could find all sorts of items in chalkware! A delicate material, we’re thrilled to offer this collectible item in such good condition! 

Measurements: 14 1/2″ diameter x 2″ deep

ITEM #0285

Handcrafted Reclaimed Beadboard Mirror: $150

Made by Artist-in-Residence Mark Gansor, this dainty mirror is framed in pieces of reclaimed beadboard, beautifully aged and painted in shades of cream and soft blue. 

Measurements: 25″ wide x 26″ tall x 2″ deep

ITEM #0051

Pressed Tin Ceiling Tiles: $30 per 2-panel sheet

Saved from an 1800s commercial building, these antique ceiling tiles have character that only comes with the passing of centuries. Beautiful to use as a headboard or framed with salvaged old-growth wood and used as a piece of art.

Measurements: 49″ long x 24″ tall

ITEM #0263

Reclaimed Old-Growth Wood Ladder: $35

Made by Legacy staff and volunteers, this decorative old-growth wood ladder is perfect for displaying holiday dećor or hanging blankets/towels! We have two in stock!

Measurements: 14″ wide x 50″ tall x 3″ deep

ITEM #0141

Wooden Charcuterie Board with Wooden Feet: $125

What’s our favorite kind of rainbow, you ask? No, not a double rainbow—a wooden rainbow! And that’s precisely what LAS Artist in Residence John Kendall created using reclaimed bloodwood, iroko, leopard wood, ashwood and walnut. A perfect gift!

Measurements: 30″ long x 9.5″ wide x 1.5″ tall

ITEM #0076

Diamond Wood Inlay Cheeseboard: $150

You may have heard Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” but did you know she was actually referring to wood inlays? We didn’t either, but looking at this cheeseboard, we totally get it!

You won’t find anything like this at a big-box store: Legacy volunteer and Artist-in-Residence, John Kendall, handcrafted this one-of-a-kind piece using reclaimed wood (hickory and ash). With a spread of nearly three feet, this impressive cheeseboard will quickly become your signature serveware and the envy of all! Also makes for an incredibly special and memorable gift.

Measurements: 34″ long x 9 1/2″ wide